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  • sgc-maths-big-data-and-data-science-for-learning-in-the-digital-world

    SGC-Maths : Big data and data science for learning in the digital world

    The GADEA for Science Foundation (GSF), aware of the need for the latest advances in each of the Areas of Knowledge, includes among its activities the Organization of symposia and meetings of specific scientific content. Thus, in a global environment of increased competitiveness and demand, and promoted and organized from

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  • fundacion-gadea-por-la-ciencia-is-born

    Fundación GADEA por la Ciencia is born

    Fundación GADEA por la Ciencia will pay special attention to the role of researchers, universities and companies aiming to improve and promote progress of science, technology and innovation in Spain. Madrid, 4 May 2017. The “Rocasolano” Chemistry and Physics Institute (CSIC) witnessed this morning the presentation of the new Fundación

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