Senior Management Program for Research, Innovation and Transfer Institutions (PADIIT)


The Management concept within the R&D&i field cannot be understood as the Management of Scientific Researchers, but the Management of the Organisation that, at the Service of these and their various groups, facilitates and internally coordinates their functions without interfering in the orientation or research task, but ensuring the support of general management activities, personnel management, ethics management, information and assessment management, relations between scientific and professional institutions, international relations, publicising and visualisation of results. A key activity is helping to obtain and manage financial resources, especially from the relation with the business network.

The Senior Management of Research, Innovation and Transfer Institutions Program (PADIIT) is an Executive Perfecting Program at IESE and Fundación GADEA por la Ciencia, with a general management approach and aimed at analysing and defining key questions and problems faced today by senior management of R&D&i institutions.

The purpose of R&D&i Management is to support and facilitate the coordination and execution of processes and economic-administrative management procedures within the research, innovation and knowledge transfer activity. It includes the organisation and management of both human and business resources, aimed at the efficient execution of research projects, technology innovation that facilitates obtaining new products, processes and services or improve existing ones, and the transfer of new knowledge or technologies.


Provide participants with a complete overview of research, development and innovation management, by integrating knowledge, techniques and skills aimed at boosting the capacity to create and manage strategic projects based on the cooperation between research, company and public administrations in an environment of increased competition and internationalisation.