Article 5 – Purposes of the Foundation

The purposes of the Foundation are to contribute to the advance and improvement of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System, focusing on the role of researchers, universities and companies.

Article 6 – Activities of the Foundation

In order to fulfil its purposes, the Foundation may carry out activities and programs related to research, training, publication, prevention, consulting, technical support and project financing, in all knowledge fields.

Some examples of the Foundation’s activities are:

  • Carry out cooperation studies with the administration, universities and companies.
  • Organise conferences and other publicising events that facilitate knowledge and interaction between the various players of the scientific community.
  • Develop activities that contribute to increase social prestige of science.
  • Promote the internationalisation of Spanish Science through scientific diplomacy actions that entail the promotion, design and assessment of projects and cooperation agreements and scientific collaboration between countries, as well as attracting national and international talent, in particular the involvement of the scientific diaspora.
  • Finance business projects, based on R&D&i results generated by public research groups and/or scientific or technology private companies.
  • Convene tenders for the development of activities set forth in the general purposes of the Foundation.
  • Enter into contracts and cooperation agreements with entities of any kind or nature, in order to develop the activities detailed in the general purposes of the Foundation.
  • Article 9 – Bodies of the Foundation

  • Governance bodies: Fundación GADEA por la Ciencia is governed by its Board, which shall consist of its Chairman, Vice-Chairman and its elected and born Directors. The Board will designate a Secretary.
  • Management bodies: The management bodies are the Director of the Foundation and, if applicable, the Project and Program Directors.
  • Involvement body: A Scientific Advisory Council will exist as the involvement, support and advisory body.