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    Torres, Antonio

    1. Degree in Medicine: 1977 Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. 13 with distinction, 5 outstanding and 2 passes. Degree standing: outstanding.
    2. Doctorate: Doctorate courses: 1 outstanding and 3 with distinction. Doctoral thesis: 1983: “Transtracheal aspirative puncture and protected specimen brush in the diagnosis of respiratory infections”. Outstanding – Cum Laude
    3. Residency in Pneumology in the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona (HCB) 1982. Other specialities: Internal medicine (HCB with degree), Laboral medicine (HCB), European Diploma in Intensive Care (ESICM)
    4. Master in Hospital Management 2001: University of Barcelona
    5. Director of the Clínic Institute of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery of Hospital Clínic of Barcelona from 2000 to 2004
    6. Head of the Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Allergy of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona (October 2004 – January 2010)
    7. Chief of Respiratory Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. Coordinator of all the ICUs of the Clinic Thorax Institute of Hospital Clínic of Barcelona (from January 2010- Currently)
    8. Full Professor (Catedrático) of Medicine at Faculty of Medicine at the University of Barcelona since 2009

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