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    Broncano, Fernando

    I was born in 1954. Full professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at University Carlos III de Madrid (Department of Humanities) from 2002. Before lecturer at Universidad de Salamanca (Department of Philosophy). Doctorate by Universidad de Salamanca, and visiting scholar at Brown university. My main topics of research are epistemology, and especially social epistemology, theory or rationality and action, and philosophy of technology, especially the relationship between technology and culture. I have taken part of 21 research projects, as main researcher in 7 of the Plan Nacional de Investigación. I was founder member of the academic societies: Sociedad Española de Filosofía, Historia y Metodología de la Ciencia y de la Sociedad Española de Filosofía Analítica.  I am member of the editorial board of journals as Teorema, I was chairperson of the Department of Philosohy, and member of many panels of scientific evaluators in different institutions as ANEP of Ministry of Science. Member of the panel “The 100” of the Real Foundation COTEC. As researcher I won 6 six-year terms of research.

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