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    Sabio, Guadalupe

    BsC in Veterinary Medicine at the Univ Extremadura, where I did Master’s thesis, which was awarded the prize for the best Master’s Thesis of the University (2001) (FEBS Lett and PNAS, in which I was first and second author). Dr. Sabio obtained her PhD in the British Medical Research Council in Dundee and Univ Extremadura under the supervision of Ana Cuenda, in Philip Cohen´s department where I learned how to study protein phosphorylation and to find new kinase substrates. There, I discovered several substrates of p38g and p38d and became an expert in protein interactions and in finding novel in vitro and in vivo substrates. I described for the first time that SAP97 was p38g substrate and the phosphorylation regulates its scaffolding functions. This work is documented by first-author publications in Biochem J (2004) and EMBO J (2005), J cell science (2010) and as a co-author in JBC (2005) and FEBS J (2009).  I also received the award for the best PhD Thesis at the Univ of Extremadura (2005).

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