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    Varela, Isabel

    Graduated (1981) and doctorate (1985) in Chemistry, Biochemistry section, at the Complutense University of Madrid. She did the PhD at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation and, later, she was EMBO fellow at the Universities of Glasgow (UK) and Louvain (Belgium) (1986-1989), and guest visiting scientist at the Faculties of Medicine of the Universities of Uppsala (FEBS fellow; 1993, Sweden) and San Diego (MEC sabbaticals, 1999-2000, USA). She has been associated professor at the Medical School of the UAM (1991-1992), and later Senior Scientist (1992-2002) and Scientific Investigator (2002-2004) of the CSIC. Since 2005 she is Research Professor at the “Alberto Sols” Biomedical Research Institute, a CSIC-UAM mixed center in Madrid (Spain). Likewise, she belongs to the CIBER of rare diseases (CIBERER) and to the Institute of Health IdiPAZ of the ISCIII.

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