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    Benlloch, Jose M.

    He is a Tenured Research Scientist at CSIC, “Spanish Scientific Research Council”. He worked in Particle Physics Experiments at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), “Laboratoire de Physic Nucleaire et des Hautes Energies” and Université d’Orsay (Paris), and “Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory” (Chicago, USA). His PhD thesis (Extraordinary Prize, 1990) was on the first data from DELPHI collaboration, led by Ugo Amaldi, at LEP accelerator (CERN), which determined the existence of 3 light neutrino generations. Massachussetts Institute of Technology Research Staff (1991-96) under the direction of Jerome Friedman (Nobel Laurate in Physics, 1990). Member of the CDF collaboration, at TEVATRON accelerator (Fermilab), that discovered (1995) the top quark, one of the 12 elementary particles of matter.

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