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    Jurado, M. Jose

    She was born in Barcelona in 1960. Geologist specialized in subsurface geology and resources, subsurface imaging, geological hazards and structural and faults analysis in the subsurface. Master and PhD in Geological Sciences at the University of Barcelona at present CSIC staff researcher at the Institute of Earth Sciences in Barcelona. EU Marie Curie postdoctoral individual fellow at the Geophysikalisches Institut of the University of Karlsruhe in Germany (1994-1997). Research stages at different research infrastructures in Europe, Canada, USA and Japan. At present head of the Enironmental Geology and Geohazards Department of the Institute of Earth Sciences-CSIC in Barcelona. Permanent researcher since year 2000. Founder and head of the Borehole Geophysical logging and scientic boreholes lab at the Institute of Earth Sciences.

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