Arsuaga, Juan L.


Juan L. Arsuaga

Degree and a PhD in biological sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. Director of the Centre of Human Evolution and Behavior (University Complutense of Madrid-Institute of Health Carlos III). Paleontology full professor in the Paleontology Department of the Faculty of Geological Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid. Scientific Director of the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos. Co-Director of the excavations at Atapuerca (Burgos) and Pinilla del Valle (Madrid).

Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Burgos and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

As co-director of the team of Atapuerca was awarded with the prize Prince of Asturias of Scientific and Technical Research of 1997. Prize Castilla and León of Social Sciences and Humanities, 1997. Prize National Geographer, 2002, of the Spanish Geographical Society. Award Ciudad de Alcalá (world heritage city), 2003. Prize Antonio de Sancha 2008 of the Association of Editors of Madrid. Prize COSCE to the dissemination of the science, 2012. Award of Culture (historical heritage) of the community of Madrid, 2014.

Author of numerous articles in the more important scientific magazines of the world, both of science in general as Nature, Science, or Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, as in magazines specific of the field of the Human Evolution, such as Journal of Human Evolution and American Journal of Physical Anthropology. He has been Associate Editor of the Journal of Human Evolution. Editor of the magazine Munibe.

Author of the books “The necklace of Neanderthal”, “Selected species”, “Amalur” (Temas de Hoy), “The riddle of the Sphinx” (Areté), “The world of Atapuerca” (Plaza y Janés), “On the other side of the fog” (Suma), “Atapuerca and human evolution” (Fundación Caixa de Catalunya), “The human saga” (FASD), “My first book of prehistory. When the world was a child” (Espasa-Calpe), “Mr. Darwin clock”(Temas de Hoy), “Unconscious selection. The key to understanding Darwin” (Arcadia) and “Elemental dear humans. Life and adventures of a planet called Earth” (Temas de Hoy), “The first journey of our lives” (Temas de Hoy) and “Indelible seal” (Debate). “The species chosen”, “Amalur” and “Neanderthal necklace” have been translated into English, and the latter to many other languages. Also, author of the book “Atapuerca, a million years of history” (editorials Plot-Universidad Complutense de Madrid) awarded as the Best Book of Popular Science in 1998 by the House of the Sciences of La Coruña. Winner of the Sent Soví award, 2002, of gastronomic literature for his book “The aborigines. The power of food in human” (RBA).

Writer and presenter of the documentary “The prehistoric Spain”. Presenter of the series of television “Guardians of the history”. Invited to give presentations at international scientific congresses and conferences in some of the most important universities and research centers in the world.

Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. Member of the International Scientific Committee of the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology at Monaco. Member of the Steering Committee of the International Association for the Study of Human Paleontology. Member of the Scientific Board of the European Centre for Prehistoric Research in Tautavel. Vice-President of the Atapuerca Foundation. Member of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain and the Royal Academies of Medicine of Zaragoza and Granada.