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Jesus Avila

He is Professor ad honorem CSIC and Scientific Director of the Fundación CIEN-CIBERNED.
He has more than 30 years working on Alzheimer’s disease, primarily on the components of tangles, present in the patients, balls which have been associated with dementia that afflicts them.

After obtaining the titles of Licentiate and doctorate in chemical sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Professor Avila made a postdoctoral stay at NIH, Maryland, USA. Subsequently, he joined as a researcher at the Center for Molecular Biology (CSIC-UAM) in Madrid. Center which has been its Director on two occasions. Currently he is Scientific Director of CIBERNED and Fundación CIEN.

Professor Avila has been and is a member of the editorial committees of some important journals of his field and his scientific work is collected in numerous international publications.
He has been President of the Spanish society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a member by choice of the «Academia Europaea», EMBO, AAAS fellow and has the medal No. 46 of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Jesus Avila has received numerous awards and honors including his scientific work: the Lilly Research Award, the award of the community of Madrid and the national research award Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

Finally he participated in assessment tasks for Spanish institutions and outside our country, and has organized some conferences as the International Conference AD/PD.