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Angel Carracedo

He is professor at the Faculty of Medicine (University of Santiago de Compostela). He coordinates the Genomic Medicine research group at the USC, a research unit with more than 100 people working on medical applications of genomics. He is director of the Galician Foundation of Genomic Medicine (SERGAS, Galician Service of Health), director of the Spanish National Genotyping Center (PRB2-ISCIII) and group leader at the Centre for Biomedical Network Research on Rare Diseases (CIBERER). Director of the Institute of Legal Medicine (USC) from 1992 to 2013.

Most of AC recent research is now mainly concentrated on genetics of complex traits (particularly cancer and psychiatric diseases) and pharmacogenomics.

AC has published 12 books and over 650 papers in SCI journals, including papers in Nature, Nature Genetics and Science. Highly cited researcher (Thomson&Reuter 2012) in Molecular Biology and Clinical Medicine and leading scientific production in Forensic Medicine worldwide.

Board member and external adviser of different national and international institutions, foundations and societies on Forensic Science (IALM, MAFS), Medical Genetics, Pharmacogenomics and Cancer. Past president of the ISFG.

Director of 105 Ph.D’s all with the highest qualification and 52 with University or National Awards.

Editor of Forensic Science International Genetics, associate editor of Forensic Science International and member of the editorial board of a number of the international and national journals on genetics, cancer and forensic science. Member of regulatory bodies (Pharmacogenomics WG at the EMA, UK Forensic Regulator DNA, DNA ISFG Commission). President or member of the board of dfferent non-profit foundations (Kaertor, Innopharma, INGADA, Anasbabi Ciliopatias, Anxiños, among others).

Prizes and distinctions: Jaime I Award, Adelaide Medal, Galien Medal, National Award on Genetics, Medal Castelao, Medal of Galicia, Medal to the Police merit, Galician Prize of Research, Fernandez Latorre Award, Prismas Award and various prizes from foundations and scientific societies. Doctor Honoris Causa for several universities in Europe and the Americas.

He is participating in several EU Projects including HELIX, BCAST and Pancanrisk (coordinator) of the HORIZON 2020, and EUROFORGEN NoE (deputy director), GEUVADIS, and CHIBCHA among other under the EU VII Framework Programme.