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Luis C. Corchon

Born in Madrid (1949). He graduated in economics in Complutense University of Madrid and obtained a Ph.D. from London School of Economics. He has worked in the following universities, Complutense, Alicante, Pompeu Fabra and Carlos III where he is full professor since 1998 and where he was chairman in 2004-7. He has been a visiting scholar in the universities of Rochester, Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Cambridge (GB) and Northwestern.

His research has focussed in three topics. Competition among few firms and the welfare losses caused by this kind of competition, the design of resource allocation mechanisms alternative to the market with special emphasis in the case in which the planner cannot commit to a mechanism and the theory of contests, specially on how to incentivize peace in the shadow of a war.

He has published more than sixty papers in journals with anonymous referees including Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Economic Theory and Games and Economic Behavior. He has published two books on Resource allocation mechanisms (Mc Millan) and Industrial Organization (Springer Verlag) and has been the editor of the Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization published by Edward Elgar en 2018.

He has been the leader researcher in fourteen research projects obtained under competitive conditions.

He has advised fourteen Ph.D. students. Each dissertation yielded, at least, a publication in an international journal with anonymous referees. Currently he is the advisor of two more students.

He has been associate editor of Revista Española de Economía (1993-7), Journal of Public Economic Theory (1997-2016), Review of Economic Design (2001- ) and Journal of Dynamics and Games (2015-).

He was member (1991) and president (1992) of the National Advisory Committee to evaluate research activities in Spain.