Fernandez-Camacho, Eduardo


Eduardo Fernandez-Camacho

He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Seville, Spain. He is now a Full Professor with the Department of System and Automation Engineering, University of Seville. He is author of Model Predictive Control in the Process Industry (1995), Advanced Control of Solar Plants (1997), Model Predictive Control (1999), (Springer, 2004, 2nd edition), Control e Instrumentación de Procesos Químicos (Ed. Síntesis), Control of Dead-time Processes (Springer, 2007) and Control of Solar Systems (Springer, 2011, translated and printed in China  by Machine Press 2014).

He has served on various IFAC technical committees and chaired the IFAC publication Committee from 2002-2005. He was the president of the European Control Association (2005-2007) and chaired the IEEE/CSS International Affairs Committee (2003-2006), Chair of the IFAC Policy Committee and a member of the IEEE/CSS Board of Governors and he is currently a member of the IFAC Council (2014-2019). He has acted as evaluator of projects at national and European level and was appointed Manager of the Advanced Production Technology Program of the Spanish National R&D Program (1996-2000). He was one of the Spanish representatives on the Program Committee of the Growth Research program and expert for the Program Committee of the NMP research priority of the European Union. He has carried out reviews and editorial work for various technical journals and many conferences. He has been one of the Editors of the IFAC Journal, Control Engineering Practice, Editor-at-Large of the European Journal of Control and Subject Editor of Optimal Control: Methods and Applications.

Prof.  Camacho is an IEEE and IFAC Fellow. He was Publication Chair for the IFAC World Congress 2002, General Chair of the joint 44th IEEE CDC-ECC 2005, and co-General Chair of the joint 50th IEEE CDC-ECC 2011. He has recently been awarded an Advanced Grant by the European Research Council for a project consisting in the integrating solar radiation sensors mounted in drones for controlling solar plants.

His main research interest are Model Predictive Control and control of Solarplants.