Fernandez-Rodriguez, M. Luisa


M. Luisa Fernandez-Rodriguez

She was born in Orense (Spain). She earned her Bachelor in Mathematics from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1974, and she completed her Ph.D. at the same university in 1976 under the supervision of Professor Vidal Abascal.  She did a long research stay at the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, and in 1986 she joined the University of the Basque Country as a Full Professor of Geometry and Topology, being the first woman who became Full Professor of that area of ​​knowledge.

Her research activity has been focused on differential geometry; specifically, on symplectic topology, manifolds with G2 or Spin (7) structures, geometry related with special holonomy and geometric flows. She gave the first example of a compact manifold with a calibrated G2-structure (in the sense of Harvey and Lawson). More recently, in collaboration with Professor Vicente Muñoz, she has solved positively the existence problem of non-formal, simply connected, compact and symplectic manifolds, in the lowest possible dimension where this can happen, that is, dimension 8. She is the author of a number of papers published in journals like Advances in Mathematics, Annals of Mathematics, Journal of Differential Geometry and Topology, with collaborators in Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, UK and USA. She has delivered lectures in several research centers and universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics – Stony Brook University, among others.

She has organized several conferences, schools and workshops; in particular, she has been member of the Executive Committee of the International Congress of Mathematicians which took place in Madrid in 2006.

Fernandez has developed an intense activity in scientific evaluation, collaborating with ANECA, ANEP, UNIBASQ and various international agencies.

She has contributed to the refoundation of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society and has been a member of its Executive Committee (1997-2002). She has been member of various international committees and serves as editor in several journals, including the Revista Matemática Complutense.