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Pedro R. Garcia-Barreno

He was born in Madrid (1943) and is Bachelor and Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery, Complutense University (CU, Madrid). Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates Award. Surgical ─general and thoracic─ Residency at Madrid County General Hospital and Cardiff Hospital-Thoracic Centre (Wales, UK) and American University hospitals in Michigan (Wayne), and Texas (Houston).  Studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology [School of Chemistry], and Differential Equations [School of Mathematics], at CU. Veterinary medicine, music theory, and piano certificates. Flying international license. Qualification in National Defense [Higher Center for National Defence Studies-The High Command of the Chiefs of Defense], Medical Informatics [Informatics Institute-Ministry of Education and Science], and in Management of R&D [Higher School of Public Administration-National Institute of Public Administration]. Executive Master in Business Administration [IE Business School, Madrid]. Deputy Hon. Rector of Carlos III University for Biomedical Sciences and Bioengineering, and the Rector of Cantabria University for special programs. Professor emeritus; heading Department of Surgical Pathophysiology of the CU, after serving as Professor of Experimental Surgery [Universitat Autónoma Barcelona], ​​and Professor in charge of Molecular Pathophysiology [Department Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Chemistry and Biology, CU]. Visiting professor, Department of Mathematical Analysis [School of Mathematics, CU]. Former senior consultant and former head of the Department of Gregorio Marañon General Hospital School of Medicine-CU, where he was the Medical Director, Head of Research and Chief of General Surgery Clinic. President, National Commission for Spanish Toxic Syndrome. Director, National Plan for the Prevention of Handicaps, and Director, Military Health Unit-Ministry of Defense. Secretary General, Institute of the Royal Kingdom of Spain. Academician of the Royal Spanish Academy, and the Royal Academy of Formal, Physical and Natural, Sciences of Spain. Honorary Academician of the Royal Academy of Córdoba (Spain); Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Galicia (Spain), and the Medical Sciences Academy of Bilbao (Spain).  Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine (London); Fellow, Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea. Library named in his honor «Prof. Pedro García Barreno Library» [School of Medicine, CU].  Holds the Merit Medallion of the Department of Surgery [School of Medicine, CU].  Honorary Degree, ESERP School of Business and Social Sciences; Distinguished Degree, Doctor & Doctor honoris of the European Council. Fellow Member of the Medical and Health InterAmerican Association. Member, International Advisory Committee-Barcelona Knowledge Hub-Academia Europaea.  Scientific advisor, founder, and coordinator of the Program of Science, Botin Foundation. Trustee, Antonio de Nebrija University, and Vodafone Foundation. Past member of the Scientific Council-National Organization of the Blind Foundation. Co-director, Master in Architecture and Hospital Engineering, San Pablo University/AIDHOS. Past-member, Development Advisory Committee-International Academy Panel, and the InterAcademy Council. Former director of Science-Technology Forum, Center for Studies in Public Policy and Governance [University of Alcala de Henares, Spain], ARBOR magazine [Spanish National Research Council], and Regional Ethics Committee of Clinical Research of the Community of Madrid. Member of, among others, the International College of Surgeons (of which he was Secretary), and European Biomedical Research Association (founding member).  Recipient of: Medal of Honor from Universidad Carlos III; Countess of Fenosa of Surgical Research; Spanish Cancer Society Foundation; Business Innovation of the Union of Entrepreneurs-Chamber of Commerce; Certificate of Merit for Distinguished Service to the Awards Community- Dictionary of International Biography, and Community Leaders of the World Award-The American Biographical Institute.