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Carlos Garcia-Izquierdo

Professor of Research at the Agency Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), he works at the “Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura” (CEBAS-CSIC). He has been performing his research work at the Department of Soil and Water Conservation and Organic Waste Management for more than 30 years. From 1990 to 1992 he did a training stage in Italy (CNR of Pisa) in Biochemistry of Soils and Organic Waste, as well as in Soil Bioremediation Processes. On these subjects he has directed 16 Ph. D. Theses, 2 of them in Italy, and has published more than 210 scientific articles in SCI journals with a high impact index. He has published 5 scientific books with publishers such as Springer or Elsevier; one of them on Techniques for Enzymatic Activity Determination in Soils, which has had great Success in South-America. He has also published numerous book chapters. Nowadays he has an H index of 53 in the ISI Web of Science (8000 citations), and an index of 64 in Google Scholar. He has been Responsible Researcher of several projects of the Spanish National Research Plan, as well as others Project of a regional nature. He has also been the Spanish Responsible Researcher for 14 European projects. He currently holds research contracts with companies such as Repsol Petróleo, Fertinagro, Dam or FACSA, directly or through projects such as Challenges of Collaboration or CDTI. Currently his research group is listed as Group of Excellence of the Region of Murcia, with a funding of 50000 euros / year.

Its main line of research has an undoubtable environmental perspective and deals with the protection of a natural resource such as the Soil, as well as with the valorization of properly treated organic wastes. In semi-arid and arid areas, soils are prone to the loss of quality and fertility, showing a scarcity of organic matter; Under these conditions, the soils are degraded and exposed to desertification processes. The addition to these degraded soils of previously treated organic wastes allows to improve their quality, to fix C in them, and, at the same time, to offer a rational solution to the problem of organic residues accumulation, valorizing them as quality organic amendments.

Prof. Garcia Izquierdo is the Head of the Group of Enzymology and Bioremediation of Soils and Organic Waste at CEBAS-CSIC. He has been President of the Section of Soil Biology within the Spanish Society of Soil Science from 2011 to 2016, member of the Committee of Experts in Fertilization of the Spanish Agricultural Ministry, Coordinator of the Commission of the Area of ​​Agricultural Sciences of the CSIC, and Director of the CEBAS-CSIC from 2005 to 2009. He was selected as a Member of Number of the Academy of Sciences of the Region of Murcia in 2009, and he is Institutional Coordinator of the CSIC in the Region of Murcia. He is also member of several scientific societies, such as SSSA (Soil Science Society of America) and the International Society of Soil Science.