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Jose M. Garcia-Verdugo

I carried out my undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of La Laguna. Later, I moved to the Autonomous University of Barcelona to work on my Doctoral Thesis. During my PhD, I started my studies on adult neurogenesis, which have continued until today. I started by studying this phenomenon in reptiles, publishing its existence for the first time, describing the neural stem cells, as well as the migration routes of new neurons. Then, I went to the Rockefeller University to continue studying, together with Dr. Alvarez-Buylla, adult neurogenesis in mammals, confirming its existence in two telencephalic centers. We described for the first time the nature of the stem cells responsible for this neurogenesis, the organization of their niche, as well as the migration routes and factors involved in proliferation and differentiation. Alternating with mammals, I have described adult neurogenesis in fish and birds. Finally, in humans we located three large migration routes, in early postnatal neurogenesis, one towards the olfactory bulbs, another one towards the ventral prefrontal cortex, and the last one, more generalized, towards the frontal cortex. However, we have not found adult neurogenesis in the human.

My scientific production yields an index H: 72. Number of citations: 28,192. Research phases: 6 sexenios.

Corresponding member of the Royal National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. Member of the Committee of Experts of the Principe Felipe Science Museum of Valencia. Member of the Governing Council – CSIC (March 2012-April 2018). Patron of the foundation of the General Hospital of Valencia (2006-2014).