Giraldez, Teresa


Teresa Giraldez

Education: BS, Biochemistry, Oviedo University, Spain, 1996; PhD, Biochemistry, Oviedo University, 2001; Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Cellular&Molecular Physiology (Fred Sigworth laboratory), Yale University, 2002-2006.

Summary of Professional Experience: Research Instructor, Pharmacology, University of La Laguna (ULL), Spain, 2006-2008; Group Leader “Miguel Servet” Award, University Hospital Candelaria/National Health Institute, 2008-2014; Lecturer “Ramon y Cajal” Award, Department of Physiology, ULL, 2014-2019. Deputy Director of the Biomedical Technologies Research Institute ULL, 2015-2019. Associate Professor, 2019-present.

Activities  & Honors (summary): PhD National Fellow-BEFI-ISCIII, 1998-2001; Brown-Coxe Postdoctoral Fellow, 2002-2003; American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow, 2003-2006; Miguel Servet Research Award, 2008-2014; Ramón y Cajal Research Award, 2014-2019; ERC-Consolidator Grant Award, 2015-2020; Scientific Review Panels: National Evaluation Agency (ANEP, Spain), 2010-present, Agence Nationale de la Reserche (France) 2014-17, H2020 Research Programme-European Commission, 2016-present, Irish Research Council, 2018. Member of various scientific journals Editorial Boards, including The Journal of General Physiology, Current Opinion in Physiology, various Frontiers journals; Regular reviewer for scientific journals (PNAS, Nature Comm, Biophys J, J Physiol, PlosONE, Sci Rep, etc.). Organizer of several national and international scientific meetings, including “New challenges in ion channel research” international meeting, Tenerife (Spain) 2011; “Doing Biology with Light” international workshop, Tenerife (Spain) 2013. Chair, Membrane Biophysics Subgroup at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, 2017. Elected chair, Gordon Conference of Ion channels 2022. Invited speaker in international institutions including The Karolinska Institute, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University and The National Institutes of Health, USA. Member of Council of the Biophysical Society (USA), and the Society of Biophysics of Spain (SBE). Member of Admissions Committee (SEBBM). Member of Nominations Committee (SENC).

Awards: Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award from the Biophysical Society, 2009; L’Oreal-UNESCO National Award, 2009; IZASA-Beckmann-Coulter Research Award, 2011; “Woman of the Canary Islands” Award, 2013; IUEM Research Award, 2015; Women&Innovation Award, 2017.

Research interests: ion channels biophysics and physiology; control of neuronal excitability; calcium signaling in subcellular domains. Structure-function relationship and physiological regulation of ion channels, in cellular systems and animal models, combining electrophysiology, advance microscopy, genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. More info in the lab webpage:

Teaching and other activities: Professor at the Medical School, in undergraduate and PhD Programs (Master in Biomedicine, ULL); Broad experience in science dissemination activities, with special emphasis in those programs to promote the role of women in science.

A complete list of publications and other biometric data can be found in Pubmed (Giraldez T) and Scopus.