Gonzalez-Quiros, Jose L.


Jose L. Gonzalez-Quiros

He is a Philosophy professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He has taught at Universidad Complutense, and he has held a research position at CSIC. He has authored more than twenty books, including El porvenir de la razón en la era digitalMente y cerebroUna apología del patriotismoEl templo del saberTecnología y cultura, or his most recent title, La comprensión de la vida humana: historia, ciencia y libertad, besides hundreds of research and divulgation articles, about Philosophy of the Mind, Philosophy of Technology and Political Theory. He was a finalist for the Spanish National Essay Award in 2003, and he won the 2007 Essay Award granted by the Everis Foundation, along with his disciple Karim Gherab Martín – the awarded essay talks about knowledge organization in the digital world and has been translated to English. He was the founder and first director of the Cuadernos de pensamiento político review, and has been featured frequently on offline and online media, talking about culture technology and politics issues. ​