Gutierrez, Bertha M.


Bertha M. Gutierrez


She holds both an MD in Medicine and Surgery and a PhD in Spanish Linguistics and Literature from the University of Salamanca. She completed her education at the Insitute of Lexicography of the Spanish Royal Academy of Language (Madrid). With a postdoctoral scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education, she worked at the Académie de Médecine in Paris and at the Université de Paris XIII-CNRS.

Teaching experience

She is a Full Professor at the University of Salamanca (in the area of History of Science), where she teaches in the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Humanities, Translation and Interpretation and Hispanic Philology. She also teaches in various postdoctoral courses in other universities, such as the Master’s Degree in Medical Translation at the Castellón-based University Jaime I. As an invited Professor she has delivered lectures, courses and workshops in many organizations and occassions, both in Europe, Southamerica and the United States.


Her main lines of research are the history of scientific language, the history of medicine in Spain, diachronic and synchronic studies of medical lexicography and terminology, scientific working methods and medical teaching methods. She has developed many of these research lines within several competitive research projects, in most of which she has also been the main researcher.

Main publications

She has published in national and international journals more than a hundred articles or book chapters related to her lines of research and is the author of several books, including La Ciencia empieza en la Palabra. Análisis e historia del lenguaje científico (Barcelona: Península, 1998, that obtained the prize «Logos 2000» by the Association Européenne des Linguistes et des Professeurs de Langues); La constitución de la lexicografía médica moderna en España (La Coruña: Toxo Soutos, 1999, which was awarded the prize «Terminología médica» in 2000 by the Medicine and Surgery Academy of Cádiz); Aproximaciones al lenguaje de la ciencia (Burgos: Instituto Castellano y Leonés de la lengua, 2003); El lenguaje de las ciencias (Madrid: Gredos, 2005); and La esforzada reelaboración del saber: repertorios médicos de interés lexicográfico anteriores a la imprenta (San Millán de la Cogolla: Instituto de la Lengua CILENGUA, 2007).


She is a member of the editorial board and peer reviewer or more than 20 scientific journals related to her research lines; she is councellor of the Rafael Lapesa Institue (from the Spanish Royal Academy of Language) for the making of the scientific corpus of the Nuevo Diccionario Histórico del Español; she is member of the the International Network «Language and Science» («Lengua y Ciencia») since it was created in 2007 and of the Ibero-American Terminology Network (Red Panlatina de Terminología). She has been president of the International Association of Medicine and Related Sciences Translators and Writers (Tremédica) and is nowadays Vicepresident of the Spanish Society of History of Medicine. She was the director of the journal Panace@. Medicina, Lenguaje y Traducción for ten years, co-founder of the University Insitute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Digital Humanities (IEMYRhd) at the University of Salamanca, where she currently holds the position of secretary. She is an academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Cádiz and of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Salamanca and member of the Salamanca Centre of Studies (Centro de Estudios Salmantinos).