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Antonio Hernando

Born in Madrid on 4th September 1947.

  • PhD by Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1974 with “Extraordinary Award”.
  • Postdoctoral stay in the laboratory of American Navy in Silver Spring, Maryland 1979.
  • Professor of Magnetism in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid since 1980.
  • Invited Professor in the Technical University of Denmark in 1984.
  • BBV Invited Professor Cambridge University proposed by Cambridge University in 1993.
  • Invited Professor in Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart in 1997.

His research work has been mainly experimental and it has been focused on magnetic materials. He has studied amorphous and nanocristaline materials, thin films, multilayers and nanoparticles. His experience is focused on magnetization processes, magnetic anisotropy, magnetostriction, magnetic relaxation, magnetic domains and Bloch walls, micromagnetism, magnetization curves, thermal dependence of coercivity field, exchange interactions, spin waves and magnons. The experimental techniques used have been mainly, magnetic domains observation by Bitter and magnetooptic techniques, magnetization curves measurements by induction techniques. SQUID and VSM magnetometer, Mössbauer effect, magnetoelastic measurements by extensiometric bands and “cantilever” method, electronic and high resolution microscopy, atomic force and magnetic force microscopy. X-ray diffraction.

His teaching work has been focused in giving theoretical and laboratory lessons in the Faculty of Physics for pre-graduate and pre-doctoral students. He has been supervisor of 25 PhD theses.

In 1989, he led the creation of the Institute of Applied Magnetism of Complutense University. Since this date he is the director of this centre where the basic research in magnetic materials is done simultaneously with the applied research in collaboration with public and private companies. This effort of combining both basic and applied research is summarized in, as an example, more than one hundred publications as author in Phys. Rev. B (85) and Phys. Rev. Lett. (18) and more than sixty projects signed as responsible with different companies. Among them it can be found Casa de la Moneda, Alcatel, Siemens, Asea, Atlas Copco, Alfa Laval, Volvo, AVE, AENA, Red Eléctrica de España, URBIS, Iberdrola, Aniel, TALGO, Indra, Sener, Telefonica,  Dimetronic, Ferrovial and Airbus. In 2000, he created Micromag S.L. Company, dedicated to shielding radar.

More than one hundred Spanish and foreigner pre and post doctoral researchers have been working at the Institute of Applied Magnetism. Author of more than three hundred scientific publications, in SCI journals, object of ten thousand references. He has got 47 H index. Author of 33 patents.

Honours: Member of the International Committee of Soft Magnetic Materials Conference. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences since 1998. Doctor Honoris Causa of Basque Country University 2002. “Miguel Catalan” Research Award of Community of Madrid, 2006. 18th Dupont Award for Science, 2008. Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2006. Physics Award, Innovation and Technology Royal Spanish Physical Society, 2008. In 1993 was awarded the CEOE science prize. National Research Award «Juan de la Cierva» Technology Transfer 2011. Doctor Honoris Causa of Cantabria University 2015