21 febrero, 2019 Mayte Martínez

Fernando T. Maestre

He was born in Sax (Alicante) on 11/01/1976, received his BsC. and PhD. in Biology from the University of Alicante, Spain, in 1998 and 2002, respectively, with the maximum qualification in both cases. He received the Academic Performance Award by the Regional Government of Valencia (Generalitat Valenciana) in 1999. After his PhD. he spent two years at Duke University (USA) as a Fulbright postdoctoral fellow. In 2005 he returned to Rey Juan Carlos University, where he is a Full Professor (currently on temporal leave). He moved back to the University of Alicante in May 2019, where he leads the Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab. In addition to his postdoctoral stay at Duke, Prof. Maestre has conducted over the years research stays in universities and research centers from USA, China, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Prof. Maestre has published more than 250 scientific publications, including multiple articles in Science, Nature and PNAS, is/has been a member of the Editorial Board of ten scientific journals, has presented more than 150 communications in national and international scientific meetings and has given invited conferences in universities and research centers from 12 countries. He has received both a Starting Grant (2009) and a Consolidator Grant (2015) from the European Research Council and multiple awards, including the “Miguel Catalán” prize for young scientists, awarded by the regional government of Madrid (2014), the Prize for young researchers working in the life sciences, awarded by the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences (2013), the Prize for Excellence in Research given by Rey Juan Carlos University (2015) and a Humboldt Research Award awarded by the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation (Germany, 2014).

Prof. Maestre has devoted substantial efforts to mentor students and the next generation of scientists, and to disseminate the results of his research among stakeholders and the general public. He has successfully supervised nine PhD theses, more than 25 MsC and BsC theses and over 20 post-doctoral researchers since he joined URJC. He has also supervised over 50 URJC undergraduates and 20 visitors from over 15 countries, who have conducted research activities in his lab. Prof. Maestre has been a collaborator of the Spanish Public Radio, has participated in interviews and documentaries in radio and TV and the results of his research has been highlighted by newspapers, webpages and blogs from Spain and abroad. He has also participated in multiple scientific outreaching activities and has given conferences targeted to the general public, as well as to primary and high school students.