21 febrero, 2019 Mayte Martínez

Maria Manzano

I was born in Archidona (Málaga) in 1950, I am a Full Professor (Catedrática de Universidad) of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Salamanca since 2002. Previously, I was a Professor (Profesora Titular) at the University of Barcelona (1984-1995) and in Salamanca (1995-2002). I studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and, thanks to “Plan Maluquer”, I was able to design my own curriculum focused on Logic, Mathematics and Linguistics to obtained my degree in Philosophy in 1974. I began my teaching and research career at the same university and received a Research Grant from the Juan March Foundation (1975-1976) while writing my doctoral thesis, General Models for Second Order Logic (1977), under the direction of Jesús Mosterín. With a Fulbright Senior scholarship (1977-1978), I enhanced my knowledge on these subjects at the University of California, (at Berkeley, USA), within the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science, founded in 1957 by Alfred Tarski and Leon Henkin. Henkin was my mentor, and since then his friendship and teachings have guided my teaching and research career.

I have done other research stays in prestigious foreign research groups, among them: the CSLI of Stanford University (with Johan van Benthem), Langue et Dialogue of the INRIA of Nancy, the CUID of the Roskilde University (with Patrick Blakcburn and Carlos Areces). I have had numerous research projects since the beginning of my career.

My research interest has always been focused in the broad area of Logic, both classical and non-classical. My publications, to congress’ contributions, seminars and courses have always been devoted to a variety of formal systems. Thus, within the so-called Classical Logic, I have contributions to Model Theory, Type Theory, Propositional Type Theory, Second Order Logic, Many-sorted Logic, etc. Within the Non-classical Logics, I have defined different logical systems such as Hybrid Type Theory, Equational Hybrid Type Theory and others. I have also worked in the translation of several logical systems such as Second-order Logic, Modal and Dynamic Logics into Many-sorted first order logic. In the field of History of Logic I have devoted myself to the figures of Leon Henkin, Alonzo Church and to logic in Ibero-America. In Philosophy of Logic I have analyzed the notions of «completeness», «intensionality», «existence», «nominalism», «equality» and «identity». I have also promoted software implementation of didactic tools for the learning of several logical systems.

Among my publications stands the following books: Extensions of First-Order Logic, 2005 (Cambridge University Press), Model Theory 1999 (Oxford University Press) and Lógica para principiantes, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2015 (Alianza Editorial). In December 2014, I co-edited The Life and Work of Leon Henkin: Essays on His Contributions (Springer).

On the subjects of my latest research projects on Completeness, Hybrid logics and Type theory, I have published several papers in: Studia Logica, History and Philosophy of Logic, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Synthese and in the Bulletin of the Section of Logic.

To promote the quality in logic teaching I coordinated an EU ALFA project, and I organized several international meetings, Tools for Teaching Logic. These meetings were characterized by their interdisciplinary nature (Logic in Philosophy, Mathematics and Computer Science) and had enormous impact both in Europe and Latin-America.
Twelve years ago, the concern for the training of researchers led me to promote the Interuniversity Program in Logic and Philosophy of Science (master  http://epimenides.usal.es/ and doctorate http://doctoradologifici.usal.es). In this program participate researchers of ​​the majority of the Spanish universities.