Marcos, Susana


Susana Marcos

Research Professor and Director of the laboratory of Visual optics and Biophotonics of the Optics Institute of the CSIC.

She was born in Salamanca (1970), graduated in physics at the University of Salamanca in 1992, and received the Ph.D. in 1996. Research associate (1997-2000) at the University of Harvard (Schepens Eye Research Institute, Department of Ophthalmology), Fulbright scholarships and Human Frontiers Science. Research Professor since 2004, Director of the Institute of Optics (2008-2012) and the Center of Physics Miguel A. Catalán (2012).  She served as Director-at-Large of the Optical Society of America, Associate Editor of the journals Optics and Vision Research, Biomedical Optics Express, and has held positions of responsibility in the Spanish Optics Society, Optical Society of America, Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, and Madrid MIT M+Visión Consortium. She is currently Vice-Chairperson of the Scientific Advisor Committee of the Investigation State Agency.

Pioneer in the development of new technologies for the diagnosis and correction of eye conditions. Its research is carried out in the context of several European projects (ERC Advanced Grant, Proof-of-Concept 3-ERC Grants, 2 Marie Curie ITN, H2020 Innovation Action, etc). Her works have given rise to > 200 research articles, 17 patents (licensed mostly to national and international companies) and two spin-offs (Plenoptika Inc, Boston, 2EyesVision SL, Madrid).

Fellow of the European Optical Society, Optical Society of America, and the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. She has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Adolph Lomb Medal (OSA), European Young Investigator Award (EURHORCs-ESF), ICO Prize (International Commisssion for Optics), physical award, innovation and technology (Real Sociedad Española Physics BBVA), Alcon Research Institute, plate of honour of the Association Spanish scientific prize Jaime I in new technologies. She is Doctor Honoris Causa by the Academy of Science and Technology of Ukraine.