Mendez-Perez, Emilio


Emilio Mendez Perez

Director Energy Science and Technology Dept. Brookhaven National Laboratory. Upton, NY

Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy. State University of New York at Stony Brook. Stony Brook, NY


Professional Interests

  • Electronic properties of nanomaterials; physics and materials science of quantum devices
  • Management of science and technology
  • Higher education



  • D., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1979
  • S., Physics, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain, 1971


Professional Experience

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Since 2016      Director, Energy Science and Technology Department

2006 – 2016    Director, Center for Functional Nanomaterials

State University of New York at Stony Brook

2004 – 2006    Director of the Undergraduate Program, Physics and Astronomy

1995 – 2002    Director of the Interface Phenomena Institute

Since 1995      Professor of Physics

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

1993 – 94        Senior Manager, Quantum Structures and Education

1990 – 92        Manager, Quantum Heterostructures

1988 – 89        Staff Member, Office of Planning and Controls

1981 – 88        Research Staff Member

1979 – 81        Postdoctoral Fellow

Visiting Positions

2004                Visiting Scientist, Paul Drude Institute, Berlin, Germany

2003                Distinguished Scholar, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Atsugi, Japan

1999                BBV Distinguished Professor, Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain

1998                Iberdrola Distinguished Professor, Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain


Main Technical Contributions

  • Experimental demonstration of the existence of the Wannier-Stark ladder and determination of quantum coherence in semiconductor superlattices
  • Proposal and demonstration of the Stark effect in semiconductor quantum wells
  • Proposal and demonstration of field tunable lasers and other novel devices and structures
  • First observation of resonant tunneling of holes, tunneling via Landau levels, and resonant tunneling through indirect potential barriers, and other phenomena related to resonant tunneling
  • First observation of fractional quantum Hall effect for filling factors 1/5, 7/3 and 8/3, and of quantum Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron-hole system


Publications and Patents

  • Author of over one hundred and sixty refereed publications, of two chapters in monographs on semiconductor heterostructures and of an article in Encyclopedia of Physics
  • More than 7500 citations. Impact index h = 43. More than one hundred invited lectures
  • Author of six patents on semiconductor devices based on quantum wells and superlattices
  • Editor of two books on physics and applications of quantum wells and superlattices
  • Frequent contributor to El Pais, the leading Spanish newspaper, on science and science policy


Selected Professional Activities

  • Chairman, Int. Science Advisory Committee, Instituto Nanociencia Aragon, 2017 to present
  • Member, Int. Review Committee, European Flagship GRAPHENE Project, 2014 to present
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Bankinter Innovation Foundation, 2012 to present
  • Member, Visiting Committee, Materials Sci. and Engineer. Dpt., MIT, 2010-2017
  • Member, Int. Scientific Advisory Committee, NANOGUNE, San Sebastian, 2007 to present
  • Member, Int. Board of Trustees, IMDEA Nano, Madrid, 2008 to 2014
  • Member, Scientific Commission in charge of drafting Spain’s Law of Science, 2008-09
  • Member, Program Committee, 14th Conf. Mod. Semicond. Struct., Kobe, Japan, 2009
  • Member, Committee of Visitors, Div. Materials Res., US National Science Foundation, 2008.
  • Editor, Solid State Communications, 1992 – 2002
  • Chairman, Int. Advisory Committee, Materials Science Centers, CSIC, Spain, 1993 to 1999
  • Member, Editorial Board of Semiconductor Science and Technology, 1993-95


Selected Recognitions

  • Fujitsu Quantum Device Award (2000), for pioneering studies of the electro-optical properties of semiconductor quantum-well and superlattice devices
  • Prince of Asturias Prize (1998), for seminal research on semiconductor heterostructures
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (1990), for pioneering contributions to the electronic properties of semiconductor heterostructures, notably the discovery of the Stark effects in quantum wells and superlattices
  • IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (1987), for work on tunneling and quantum Hall effect properties of two-dimensional holes