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Estrella Nuñez-Delicado

I was born in Albacete (1969) and have a Bachelor’s degree and a PhD in Biology from the University of Murcia with an extraordinary Doctorate Award.

The research activity that I have developed to date has been focused, mainly, on the study of cyclodextrins as complexing agents of bioactive compounds. More specifically, we have carried out studies of kinetic characterization of enzymes in the presence of cyclodextrins, characterization of inclusion complexes, use of cylodextrins for the elimination of different compounds in wastewater or extraction of bioactive compounds from by-products derived from the food industry. We recently launched a new line about the use of cyclodextrins as artificial gene delivery vectors.

Currently I develop my research activity at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), where I have been Professor of Biochemistry and Vice-Rector for Research since 2010. In addition, I have held different management positions within the UCAM, such as University Deputy Director (2004-2006) and later Vice Dean of Food Science and Technology (2006-2012), Director of the Master in Nutrition and Food Safety (2006-2015), Coordinator of the PhD Program in Health Sciences (2013-present) and Director of the School of Doctorate (2013-present).

In 2006 I created, and since then directed, the research group called Molecular Recognition and Encapsulation (REM). The participation in more than 40 research projects (national and international competitive call as well as research contracts with companies) has allowed me to publish 85 articles in journals included in the JCR, 63 of them are published in first-quartile journals and 17 in second-quartile journals. I have 4 periods of six year quality research merits, an H index of 27 and more than 1850 citations. Among the research projects in which I have participated, I have been the Lead Researcher in 18 of them: 4 research projects, 3 complementary actions and 11 contracts with companies.

I have combined my research work with the direction of 6 doctoral thesis, numerous final thesis, final degree projects and final master projects as well as teaching in degrees like Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. I also participate as referee of journals in the field of Food Science & Technology and Biotechnology. In recent years, I have also participated as an evaluator of research projects. Since 2010 I am managing the Vice-Rectorate of Research at UCAM, where we have developed numerous initiatives to promote research and the university-business relationship, for example, the implementation of the Industrial PhD program with funds of our Institution.