Obeso, Jose A.


Jose A. Obeso

He is director of the Neuroscience centre (CINAC) in Madrid and full professor of Neurology in CEU-San Pablo University. He heads a highly active team devoted to understand and develope new treatments for Parkinson’s disease. He is Editor in Chief of the Movement Disorders Journal (IF=6.01), the leading publication in the field of Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, since 2010. He has been elected to occupy the Neurology chair ( # 48) of the National Academy of Medicine of Spain and awarded “doctor of the year” by the ABC daily newspaper. Prof. Obeso has published more than 350 peer-reviewed papers on the pathophysiology and treatment of dyskinesias and the basal ganglia in Parkinson´s disease. He has a high number of relevant publications in top general journals of, and particularly in neurology/neuroscience journals like, Annals of Neurology, Brain,Trends in Neuroscience, etc. His current Hirsch index is 71. He has also contributed to teaching and academics with over one hundred book chapters including recently one in the Harrison’s Textbook of Medicine, editorial pieces and several hundred of communications and lectures to scientific meetings. Dr. Obeso has also served on the editorial boards of prestigious journals, and served on the scientific grants review committees of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Anne Obretch Parkinson Foundation or Dystonia Foundation.  He is honorary member and Invited Professor of several organizations and institutions such as the Colombian Neurological Association, Bolivian Neurological Association and Universidad de La Habana.

Recently he has been awarded with the Astra Zéneca prize, an honorary award in recognition of excellence in scientific career.