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Claudio Palomo

He was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1951. He studied chemistry at the Instituto Químico de Sarriá (IQS), in Barcelona, where he received his Chemical Engineering Degree in 1975. After two years working in a pharma-industry, he obtained his Degree in Chemistry in 1979 at the University of Barcelona. In the same year he joined the Organic Chemistry Department at the University of the Basque Country with Prof. R. Mestres. In 1983, he took his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and after two years of postdoctoral work at the same university, he became associate Professor. In 1989 he was promoted to full Professor in Organic Chemistry and two years later he joined, as visiting professor, the research group of Prof. H. Rapoport at the University of California at Berkeley. Since his reinstatement to the UPV / EHU in 1992 he continued his research area focusing on beta-lactam chemistry and began his studies in the area of asymmetric synthesis that allowed him to establish the research group «Asymmetric Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis” cataloged by the Basque Government as a consolidated and high performance group. He is the coordinator of the Training and Research Unit of Organic Chemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis (QOSYC) of the UPV / EHU (www.ehu.es/qosyc) and is also coordinator of the National Excellence Network for Asymmetric Catalysis (CASI). He has given numerous conferences and seminars in Spain and abroad, among them Hoffmann la Roche (1992, Basilea, Suiza), IUPAC (2000, Varsovia, Polonia), Lilly (2005, Madrid), Antonio Gonzalez Lecturer (2006, Tenerife), Serratosa Lecturer (2006, Barcelona), EURJOC Lecturer (2012, Lisboa), Barluenga Lecturer (2015, Oviedo) and Janssen (2017, Toledo). He is the recipient of the IQS Award, Padre Salvador Gil,1976; PhD Thesis Award, (UPV/EHU,1983); Organic Chemistry Award,(Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, 2002); Euskadi Research Award, (Basque Government, 2008); Gold Medal (Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017). He has published more than 240 research articles including several patents, book chapters and directed 47 doctoral theses. It has been the subject of an Author Profile in Angewandte Chemie (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/anie.201208009/pdf). His current research include stereoselective carbon-carbon bond forming reactions, asymmetric catalysis, organocatalysis and implementation of molecules of biological interest. For further details see: http://www.ehu.eus/en/web/gicas/hasiera