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Andres Pedreño

Borned in Cartagena (Murcia) in 1953, he resides in Alicante.



Degree in economic and business sciences from the University of Valencia (1978)

Award national best scholarship of the Ministry of education and Science (1978)

Special award of Bachelor’s degree from the University of Valencia (1980)

Doctor in Economics (1983) from the University of Alicante

Extraordinary prize of doctorate by the University of Alicante (1984)

Professor of applied economics (1989)

Previously Professor (1985) Eisenhower fellow for the Eisenhower Foundation

Fellowships: Unemployment and labor market.

Author of numerous articles and books. / download in academia.edu. Author of several blogs.


Academic and University-related charges:

Rector of the University of Alicante (1993-2000

Previously Vice President for Economic Affairs and planning CEO

Universia (2000-2004) founder and life member of the Board of Trustees of the Virtual Library of Miguel Cervantes

Promoter of digital entrepreneurship University.

Promoter of the first MOOC in Spain through the UNIMOOC platform.

Professor of Economics of globalization research digital economy and economics of education.

Books and non-digital publications.


Other positions:

Director of the higher statistical Council (2004-2009)

Advisory Board of electronic administration of the Ministry of public administrations (2005-2009)

Member of the International Committee in the International Science Foundation

Member of the Royal Academy of moral and political sciences in Spain

Member of the American Academy of language in the United States.



Doctor honoris causa by the Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom)

Gold Medal of the University of Alicante (2008) in response to the exceptional merits incurred in the service of the institution.