Perez-Die, M. Carmen


M. Carmen Perez-Die


Departamento de antigüedades egipcias y del Oriente Próximo

Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Spain)


  • Member of Jury of Prince of Asturias Prix in 2011, 2013, 2014
  • Gold medal of Supreme Council of Antiquities in April 2010
  • Medal of the Isabel la Catolica Order in 2009
  • National Prix of the Spanish Geographic Society in 2009
  • Doctor in Egyptology by the Universidad Complutense in Madrid
  • Keeper of Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Department in the Archaeological Museum in Madrid from 1980 until 1991 and from 1997 until now.
  • General Director of Museo Arqueologico Nacional from 1991-1997.
  • Director of Spanish Archaeological Mission at Ihnasya el Medina site (Herakleopolis Magna) Beni Suef, from 1984 until now
  • Profesor de l´École Pratique des Hautes Études, V section, Paris, University of la Sorbona, Paris, 1989
  • Profesor of the Spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, in 1992
  • President of Spanish Committee for Safety of Tire (1992-1995)
  • Member of Supreme Council of Museum in Spain (1991-1997)
  • Member of Comitee for the adquisitions of masterpieces for the Spanish Estate ((1992-1994)
  • Director of the R.A.M.A. (Remote Access to the Museum Archives), from the UE
  • Director of the Champollion Project, by the UE
  • Honoriphic Member of the Spanish Association of Egyptology
  • Member of International Association of Egyptology
  • Member of the Comité International pour l´Egyptologie (CIPEG)
  • Member of Internacional Council of Museum (ICOM)
  • Vicepresident of Association of Center of Near Eastern Studies and Egyptologie
  • Director of the Bulletin of Museo Arqueologico Nacional (1991-1997)
  • Member Scientiphic Committee of Review SEFARADd from CSIC until 2006
  • Member Scientiphic Committee of Review Papers on Ancient Egypt (From 2002 until now)
  • Jury of PHD Egyptological Works at the different Universities of Spain


Over 100 Publication of egyptology, concerning Archaeological Aspects, Museographical Aspects, and titles related to the Excavations at Heracleopolis Magna site.


  • Assistance and Lecture in the I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX y X X International Congress of Egyptology: Cairo, Grenoble, Munich, Cambridge, Rodos, Florence, etc.
  • Assistance at CIPEG Congress in Viena, Leiden, Brussel, Madrid, Moscu, San Petesburgo, Warsovia, Italy, Boston, New York, Geneve, Hanover, Montepulciano, etc.
  • Lectures of Egyptology in Museums, Universities of Spain and Europe, America and Egypt; Londres, Cambridge, Paris, Lyon, Munich, Leiden, Rodas, Bruselas, Boston, New York, Cairo, etc.
  • Curator of the Exhibition “Egipto, Nubia y Oriente Próximo. Colecciones del Museo Arqueológico Nacional”, Sevilla, Granada, Albacete, Murcia, 2007-2008
  • Curator of the Exhibition “120 años de Arqueología española en Egipto”, Museo de El Cairo, abril- mayo de 2009
  • Curator of Exhibition: Nubia, The Kingdoms in Sudan
  • Curator of the Exhibition The tomb of Tutmosis III
  • Curator of the New Museographical Project of the National Archaeological Museum In Madrid (opening 2014)