Nieto, M. Angela


M. Angela Nieto

– Full Professor, Instituto de Neurociencias (CSIC-UMH) in Alicante, Spain
– Member of the Advisory Committee for the National Research Agency (AEI)
– Spanish scientific delegate for EMBL-EMBC from 2010
– Member Board of Directors International Society of Differentiation (ISD)
– Head of Developmental Neurobiology Instituto de Neurociencias (2006-2016)
– President Spanish Society for Developmental Biology (SEBD) (2011-2016)

She received her PhD in 1987 (Universidad Autonoma, UAM, Madrid) after working on protein-nucleic acid interactions in nucleosomes and ribosomes. In 1988, she moved to the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas (CSIC-UAM) also in Madrid to study programmed cell death in lymphocytes. In 1989 she moved to the National Institute for Medical Research in London where she isolated a number of genes involved in the morphogenesis of the nervous system. In 1993, she obtained a position of Staff Scientist at the Cajal Institute in Madrid. From then on, she has led a research group interested in studying cell movements and plasticity. In particular, her group has studied the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in development and disease, and her main contribution has been the impact that the reactivation of this developmental program has in adult disease, including tumor progression, fibrosis and bone growth and mineralization. Currently, she is member of the Editorial Boards of EMBO J, EMBO reports; Current Opinion in Genetics and Development; Mechanism of Development; Gene Expression Patterns, Trends in Genetics and Int. J. Developmental Biology. She was elected EMBO member in 2000 and Member of the Academy of Europe in 2009. Among others she has received the “Carmen and Severo Ochoa Prize” (2004), “Prize Fundación Francisco Cobos” in Biomedical Research (2005); “Alberto Sols” to best research career (2008) y “Rey Jaime I” in Basic Research (2009), Science Spanish Team QUO Magazine (2015), Scientific Merit recognition from the Generalitat Valenciana (2015), Basic Research Prize in Nephrology “Iñigo Alvarez de Toledo” (2016).