SGC-Maths : Big data and data science for learning in the digital world

1 marzo, 2018 AdminGadea

The GADEA for Science Foundation (GSF), aware of the need for the latest advances in each of the Areas of Knowledge, includes among its activities the Organization of symposia and meetings of specific scientific content. Thus, in a global environment of increased competitiveness and demand, and promoted and organized from the Area of Knowledge of Mathematics, the GSF presents its first Scientific Symposium on the theme “Big Data and data Science for learning in the Digital World” .

Big Data refers to the treatment of huge data sets that with traditional methods of storage, access and analysis would result
unapproachable. Big Data is certainly an issue that is beginning to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. In this symposium, sixteen researchers, leaders in the field, will review the state of the art today with special emphasis in those applications aimed to address the main social demands. The event is presented as an interdisciplinary meeting of experts from the fields of applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, data science, automated learning, operations research and statistics.

In addition to more methodological presentations, there will be sessions aimed at programmes in Medicine and Health, Geosciences and Meteorology, Communications and Transport, Environment, Social Sciences, and Economics and Finance. Also, will be host to participants who wish to present their work in poster sessions.

This symposium is the first of a series organized by Fundación GADEA for Science (, a new institution, whose objective is to contribute to the improvement and advancement of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation, with special attention to the role of researchers, universities and companies.


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