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    Moya, Andres

    He studied Biology and Philosophy simultaneously at the University of Valencia (Spain), obtaining a PhD in Biology in 1983, and a PhD in Philosophy in 1988. He was Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California (Davis, USA), and an Invited Professor at the University of California (Irvine, USA). In 1986 he created the Evolutionary Genetics Research Group at the Department of Genetics of the University of Valencia, where he is a Professor of Genetics since 1993. Prof. Moya was the promoter of the Cavanilles Institut of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Valencia, the Astrobiology Center (CSIC-INTA), the Public Health Research Center (CSISP), now integrated in the Valencian Region Foundation for the Promotion of Health (FISABIO) and the Integrative Systems Biology Institute (CSIC-UV).

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