Benlloch, Jose M.


Jose M. Benlloch

He is a Tenured Research Scientist at CSIC, “Spanish Scientific Research Council”. He worked in Particle Physics Experiments at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), “Laboratoire de Physic Nucleaire et des Hautes Energies” and Université d’Orsay (Paris), and “Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory” (Chicago, USA). His PhD thesis (Extraordinary Prize, 1990) was on the first data from DELPHI collaboration, led by Ugo Amaldi, at LEP accelerator (CERN), which determined the existence of 3 light neutrino generations. Massachussetts Institute of Technology Research Staff (1991-96) under the direction of Jerome Friedman (Nobel Laurate in Physics, 1990). Member of the CDF collaboration, at TEVATRON accelerator (Fermilab), that discovered (1995) the top quark, one of the 12 elementary particles of matter.

In 1996, he is back at CERN to research on radiation detectors in the groups of Fabio Sauli and Thomas Ypsilantis. In 1998, starts a research group on Medical Imaging in Spain, developing several Medical Imaging devices, some of them are at hospitals of excellence around the World, and patenting 15 different designs. Promoter of several spin-off companies in the field of Medical Imaging. Advisor of 8 PhD and 12 Master theses. Founder, in 2010, and director of the Institute for Instrumentation in Molecular Imaging (I3M) at the Technical University of Valencia. His group has many R&D contracts with companies (BRUKER, GENERAL ELECTRIC, ONCOVISION, HALLMARQ) and top European hospitals.

Coordinator of several EU Projects. MAMMI (Mammography with Molecular Imaging, 2007-10), developed a high-resolution PET mammograph for early cancer diagnosis and therapy follow-up. MINDVIEW (Multimodal Imaging of Neurological Disorders, 2013-18), built a PET/MRI system dedicated to the brain examination for diagnosing mental disorders. 4D-PET (Innovative PET Scanner for Dynamic Imaging, ADVANCED GRANT, 2017-21), exploits Time Of Flight information to improve image quality and sensitivity, through the inclusion of Compton events. HISTO-MRI (In Situ Imaging of Living Tissues with Cellular Spatial Resolution, FET-OPEN, 2017-19), enables non-invasive visualization, in vivo and in real time, of individual neurons, based on a radical new MRI concept.

Author of 250 articles (H index 74), in the most important reviews in Particle Physics and Medical Imaging. More than 100 presentations at International Conferences in several countries (including many oral presentations at the American Physical Society and the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference). Organizer of International Conferences: Inorganic Scintillators and its Industrial Applications; IEEE conference on Nuclear Science and Medical Imaging (Spain 2011), Mediterranean Workshops on Advanced Molecular Imaging (2013 Majorca, 2014 Sardinia, 2016 Corsica).

2002 Technologist Award of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology, for the invention of the “Gamma Functional Navigator”, a new surgical device. 2007 Prize of the Spanish Society of Medical Physics for the “Development of a PET Camera for Physiological Studies with Small Animals”. 2008 Prize of the Foundation King Jaime I, “New Technologies” modality. 2012 Medal, García Cabrerizo Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland) for the promotion of invention. 2014 Spanish National Research Prize in Engineering “Leonardo Torres Quevedo”.