Carrizosa, Emilio


Emilio Carrizosa

He is Full Professor of Statistics and Operational Research, University of Seville, and Fellow of IMUS- the Mathematical Institute of the University of Seville. He is also (September 2017- September 2019) President of SEIO, the Spanish Statistics and Operational Research Society.

He is an expert in Data Science, Mathematical Modeling and Optimization, both in methodological an applied sides.

In the methodological perspective, he has been focused on algorithmic issues in Data Science, Locational Analysis and Multiple-Objective Decision Making, using both exact and heuristic approaches, either in continuous or (mixed) integer nonlinear optimization. His findings have been published in around 120 papers in international journals; he has also supervised 6 PhD in the last 10 years and has led research projects funded by European, Spanish and Andalusian public agencies, as well as private agencies (Fundación BBVA).

On top of being awarded Otto Mønsted Visiting Professor at Copenhagen Business School, he has been visiting researcher at universities such as Universität Wien, Université de Montréal, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Universidad de Chile, among others.

Emilio Carrizosa has persistently tried to demonstrate that, apart from being a beautiful abstract object, Mathematics is a fundamental tool to solve nowadays industrial problems. He has been involved in several research contracts with industrial partners, addressing with mathematical technology problems in fields as different as Health (multivariate statistical analysis for cancer diagnosis), Sustainability and Environment (light pollution estimation in urban settings, efficient delivery routing design, drought prediction), Banking (optimal cash inventory), Energy (optimal design of solar power plants, inverse problems in chemical reactions, fraud detection in electric networks), etc.