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Ana I. Rojo

PhD in Civil Engineering, MBA from IE University. More than twenty years pursuing my career in companies like Unión Fenosa Ingeniería, Unión Fenosa Acción Exterior, Typsa and Ineco in diverse fields like hydraulics, environmental consultancy and civil/transport engineering. I have been a key member of the board of directors of Ineco for the past five years. Throughout this career I’ve deeply believed that the drive to success from a company shall be based on a culture of innovation, orientation toward the customer, and on a long-term vision of business and business ethics.

Professional Experience

INECO. Ingeniería y Economía del Transporte

General Director of Engineering and Services. (December 2012 – Present)

INECO’s portfolio of services range from planning to the commissioning of infrastructures and their subsequent maintenance and operation. Currently, the company reports a turnover over 200 million euros and employs more than 3,000 staff.

  • Member of the Board of Directors, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • As General Director, in charge of three Divisions
    • Civil Engineering Division (Areas: Infrastructure Design, Construction Supervision, Maintenance and Operation)
    • Systems Engineering Division (Areas: Operational Systems, Electromechanics and Rolling Stock, Signalling and Communications)
    • Transport Consulting and Environment Division (Areas: Economy and Planning, Environment, Waste and Information Technology)
  • Ultimate responsibility for the allocation of resources, both in-house and sub-contracted, for the production of the more than 1,500 projects being delivered at Ineco.
  • Leading a team of 2,100+ highly qualified professionals.