Vazquez, Juan L.


Juan L. Vazquez

Born in Oviedo, Spain, in 1946, he moved to Madrid in 1964 to study Engineering at UPM. He then obtained a Ph. D. degree in Mathematics at Univ. Complutense de Madrid in 1979, and has been a Full Professor of Applied Mathematics at Univ. Autónoma de Madrid 1986-2016, and is now Emeritus Professor there.

Main research interests:  Nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) and their applications, mainly to Physics and Engineering.   More specific topics are: Diffusion equations;   filtration equations in porous media; the mathematical study of processes with free boundaries and change of phase; special solutions via self-similarity methods; asymptotical behavior of solutions, entropy methods and functional inequalities; blow-up problems and singularities.  Recent interests include: Nonlocal diffusion and fractional Laplacian operators, and PDEs in geometry. Author of 3 well known research monographs in English, and more than 300 scientific papers, edited volumes, and other publications. He has had 13 Ph. D. students and 100 coauthors, among them 2 Fields medalists.

Vazquez is a member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences since 2013, Fellow of the American Mathematical Society since 2014, Doctor HC by University of Oviedo in 2015, member of EURASC (European Academy of Sciences) since 2016, ISI Highly Cited scholar since 2003. He was honored with the Spanish National Prize for Research in Mathematics “Julio Rey Pastor” in 2003. Plenary Speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians (in 2006).

Invited professor for long periods at: Univ. de Paris VI; Univ. of Minnesota; Univ. of Texas; Univ. of Roma Sapienza; Univ. of Buenos Aires; IAS Princeton; MSRI in Berkeley, California; Tokyo University; and lately Newton Institute in Cambridge and Warwick University, UK.  He has organized over 100 events like conferences, courses, schools and workshops in Spain (notably at UIMP, Santander) or abroad. He has delivered many expository talks on the “Importance of Mathematics” and has obtained the national SEMA prize in that area, 2001.

He was President of SEMA, the Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics, in the period 1996-98. Member of the Executive Board of COSCE, 2005-2010. He has participated in numerous panels in Spain and France. A two-volume special issue of the journal Nonlinear Analysis TMA (vols. 137-138, 2016) celebrated his 70th anniversary in 2016. An international congress in his honor was held in Madrid in May 2017.